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Vertically align Bootstrap Alpha Modal

Vertically align Bootstrap Alpha Modal

If you're running bootstrap Alpha, you may want to consider upgrading to bootstrap 4 as alpha is like a early release version of 4, in between 3 and 4 which is going to have limitations as an early release. Modal issue in Bootstrap 4 Alpha Bootstrap has a build in component called a modal, whereby you click on a button or image and this triggers a pop up box to appear which can look quite slick,...

24th of November 2018 By Simon
Simple CMS For Managing your Website

Simple CMS For Managing your Website

Need a Simple Content Management system. Moodular can help you and your business in saving you time updating your website over complicated CMS Systems. Read the benefits to Moodular and why you should switch your CMS system.

28th of March 2017 By

BX Slider Bug Fix for fade flashing banners

I came across a bug in bxslider as when telling the slider to fade, it fades to the next slide but then fades out and flahes back in again.  I had the following set but no matter what i tweaked it still faded from one to another with an obvious flash effect.         mode: 'fade',         slideSelector: '',  ...

22nd of October 2015 By

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