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Drive Extra Traffic With These Web Content Tips From Moz

Get the most from your blog content The window seems quite small for getting traffic to your website from a blog post. We write blog posts, and then promote them through the social channels, but how can we further push the content. I have been watching a great post today from and have embedded their video below and made notes below from this great video which I hope you will find helpful.

What else can we do with the content?

  • Consider your audience and who you want to reach

    Think about who you are trying to reach and push the post to the social channels that better apply to your business. So for organic, Google Plus is key and for business contacts then sharing on Linked in is a must.
  • Timing / Frequency Don’t just post a blog post once, leave it and then never push this again, but if the post is something that is still relevant, then why not republish the post through the social channels to potentially get more traffic. Plus pushing posts to different social channels at random times can get more visibility as pushing all at one time, say on a Friday evening could be missed by many people.
  • Using Twitter Cards

    Using Twitter Cards for pushing your content as this is a key way to display your tweets differently from the standard 160 character post in using larger imagery and text which makes them stand out from the crowd. There are various twitter cards you can use for this, but You can learn more about twitter cards from
  • Test you’re messaging Write different messages for various social networks and perhaps use different messages to promote your content by maybe pulling a quote from the content or including a statistic.
  • Use Paid Social For promoting your content You will see a “boost your post” button on Facebook, which can be useful, so building paid posts that target specific audiences are a channel to worth considering if you have budget for this.
20th of June 2014 By Simon

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