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Return of the Penguin 2-1 algorithm

The latest update to the penguin Algorithm change from Google went live on the 4th of October. This is an update to the existing algorithm which will noticebaly affect 1% of searches. This is being labelled as Penguin 2.1 but with all the minor updates brought out from Google to this algorithm, some are calling this Penguin 5.

pengin update

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Avoid being hit in future

Some things can be done to ensure that we avoid being hit by future penguins is:

  • Keep clean techniques
  • Keep your backlink profile non spammy - dont just focus on 1 keyword, but fluctujate the links your building
  • Build brand not just keywords
  • Provide a good user experience
  • Avoid paying for links

Think Past just SEO


Clients seem to only pay attention to building links and what positions they are in the SERPS, so I guess if we can prove that building their brand brings in business and convets for them, then they will be happy.

Semantic Search

Looking at Hummingbird (latest algorithm from Google), Google is now accelerating the movement from keyword searches to semantic search. This is means that long tail search queries are is becoming more popular, because considering the "not provided" blocking in Google Analytics with the new Humingbird algorithm and the constant need for fresh content, I would recommend that a blog nowadays is more important that ever as detailed below.

Blog Importance

I have seen steady improvement in the SERP results with a few websites that have and post regularly using a blog, compared to one of the sites that seems to fluctuate up and down but overall seems to stay in same positions.

Having a blog on your site opens up more channels for driving traffic back to your website, a blog helps to:

  • Create fresh content which Google likes
  • Share your content on Social Channels to drive traffic back to your site
  • Implement Google Authorship for showing Google you are the author of your content
  • Gives potential for driving organic traffic back from short and long tail keywords.

I have had to start thinking more about the benefits of fresh content for Eadetech and looking at a more integrated approach rather than just building links. Hopefully some of the things highlighted here are helpful to your business. If you require the need of SEO services in and around Essex, or your website needs a new re-design, call us today or tweet us at

4th of November 2013 By Simon

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