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Using Google URL Builder to Tag Banners and Adwords Campaigns

Tagging Banners

In google analytics we can see referral data from various traffic sources, however if we're not able to link adwords and google analytics to see Adwords data in analytics, then we don't know further information such as when someone has clicked a paid advert or banner. So tagging banners using the Google URL builder allows us to label the campaign and content etc so we can see specific data in Google analytics.

Banner tracking template Example

If I want to specifically track banner clicks from any external banners that go to the following we need to follow the following steps

  1. Website URL
    Paste the destination URL into the box. For this example, I will use a URL on our eadetech web design company site.
    website url
  2. Campaign Source
    For a banner, we could put the name of the website that has the banner advert, so in this example we have “yell.com”
  3. Campaign Medium
    This is the type of advertising , so we should put “banner”
    campaign type
  4. Campaign Term
    this applies more to adwords campaigns for applying a keyword to each advert.
  5. Campaign Content
    If you have multiple banners that relate to the same topic, to track these more effectively, you could differentiate them by putting the keywords that them by the text that’s on the banners, otherwise you can leave this field
  6. Campaign Name
    The most important field as we should ensure that we reflect the campaign name with our marketing strategy
    campaign name
  7. Complete the URL builder, by clicking “Generate URL”
    This now gives us a new URL that points to the original URL on the destination website, but is tagged so we include the whole URL.

Tagging your Adwords Campaign

The same process applies to building a URL for adwords, but some of the fields are different to tracking banners. This can apply to each and every text advert that you need to track, which is a great way of showing campaign stats if your unable to link the adwords to the analytics account.

  1. Website URL
    Paste the destination URL into the box. For this example, I will use a ur on our eadetech web design site.
    website url
  2. Campaign Source
    For an adwords campaign, we should put the URL referrer so if it was on yell.com, we would then put
    campaign source
  3. Campaign Medium
    This is the type of advertising , so we should put “cpc” for Cost-Per-Click Advertising
    campaign medium
  4. Campaign Term
    Identify the paid keywords that are relevant for this advert, so if your adwords advert headline was “Web Design Company Essex” for example, then we could tag this with “web design company” or “web design company essex”.
    campaign keyword term
  5. Campaign Content
    Campaign content could be the headline text in your advert. Any way in which this is going to differentiate one advert to the other, but this field can be left blank
  6. Campaign Name
    this is the same convention for naming the campaign so I enter Eadetech_webdesigncompany as first is brand then underline then focus of keyword for example.
    campaign name
  7. Complete the URL builder, by clicking “Generate URL”

    This will then give you the output URL to add to your destination URL in that adword advert.


Viewing data in analytics

This is a great way for us to see extra data. If you go to the following you will see the campaign traffic that's been sent and you should see your campaign name on there.

  1. Go to Acquisition
  2. Adwords
  3. Campaigns

Then you will see the campaign name on the left hand side which will be showing data from the tracking URL created from Google’s URL builder and then you should also see other data such as the cost per click for the ad groups.

19th of June 2015 By Simon

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