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BX Slider Bug Fix for fade flashing banners

I came across a bug in bxslider as when telling the slider to fade, it fades to the next slide but then fades out and flahes back in again. 

I had the following set but no matter what i tweaked it still faded from one to another with an obvious flash effect.

        mode: 'fade',         slideSelector: '',        infiniteLoop: true,        hideControlOnEnd: false,        speed: 500,        easing: ',        slideMargin: 0,        startSlide: 0,        randomStart: false,        captions: false,        ticker: false,        tickerHover: false,        adaptiveHeight: false,        adaptiveHeightSpeed: 500,        video: false,        useCSS: false,        preloadImages: 'visible',        responsive: true,        slideZIndex: 50,        wrapperClass: 'bx-wrapper',

bxSlider Fix

Apply the following direct to the page and it then fades from one banner to the other as expected. I found this fix on the internet so wanted to share.

<script type="text/javascript">
  auto: true,
  useCSS: false

22nd of October 2015 By Simon

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