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Breaking down bounce rate analysis by Traffic Type

Bounce Rate Analysis What is Bounce Rate Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that view only a single web page and then leave the website. Analysing Causes for Bounce Rate Rather than just doing an overall percentage bounce rate analysis, I wanted to look further into what sources of traffic cause this, so I generated a custom report for this to show each type of traffic to analyse the highest...

12th of July 2014 By Simon

Drive Extra Traffic With These Web Content Tips From Moz

Get the most from your blog content The window seems quite small for getting traffic to your website from a blog post. We write blog posts, and then promote them through the social channels, but how can we further push the content. I have been watching a great post today from and have embedded their video below and made notes below from this great video which I hope you will find helpful....

20th of June 2014 By

Why Responsive Websites Are Good For SEO

Search engines love responsive websites nowadays and implementing a website design with CSS3 media queries for responsiveness is the way forward as it avoids having a separate set of pages to serve a mobile site from the desktop version. Mobile visitors are on the increase and could overtake Desktop users this year. Advantages to a responsive website Speed Mobile sites are designed to be less heavy...

4th of June 2014 By

Why Citations Help Your Local SEO Rankings

Like me, you may have been confused of the term “citation”, that's been mentioned by many. This is when someone mentions or references or links to your business or website. A Citation can be just a mention of your company name, but is more effective if it provides you with full information such like a company name with phone, address, and website. Do they matter a lot to Google? Citations...

9th of May 2014 By

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